Pre-Departure Briefing

We are delighted that you have decided to study in Ukraine and look forward to you joining us soon.

We know that you will have many things to arrange before your arrival and it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. We hope that this page will help you in your preparations and give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive.

First thing first, check with your airline on carrier restrictions i.e. how many bags are allowed and what’s the maximum weight? All excess luggage is to be paid on a Kg basis and may prove expensive.

Clothes to bring!

Students dress casually, informally in jeans, t-shirts and jumpers, but several sets of official clothes will be necessary. It is recommended to carry with you warm clothes like coat, boots, cap, gloves scarf etc, things of personal hygiene. We recommend that you do not buy too many winter clothes until you get to the University. For your journey in the period of September – October, you could carry with you an easy jacket, jeans, socks, boots while during the winter months of November – December you would need to carry a warm coat, a sweater, warm trousers, boots, cap, and gloves. In addition to casual clothes, you may want to bring formal clothes for special events such as a formal conference or seminar. You may also want to bring your national costume for international student events.

Among electrical products please only bring small items such as hairdryers, shavers and laptops.

Please do not bring more than two suitcases and make sure that you can lift and carry these suitcases.

  • Rice cookers, food or cooking utensils with you. Your case will be too heavy for you to carry! You can buy saucepans, plates and other cooking utensils very cheaply from supermarkets close to University residences.
  • You will find that cities, where the Universities are situated have many international food stores, and large supermarkets and markets where you will be able to find many ingredients available in your home country. You can also use canteen, mess or restaurants for every day meal.
  • Anything you would hate to lose. Leave at home valuable or expensive-looking jewelry, all unnecessary credit cards, library cards and similar items you may routinely carry in your wallet.
  • Toiletries that you can buy abroad because it’s unneeded weight (shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste)

For Ukraine! Ensure that you are carrying your international passport and original Invitation letter in your hand luggage

Documents to bring to Ukraine:

  • Original Invitation Letter;
  • International Passport (valid for 2 years minimum);
  • Birth Certificate (translated into the Ukrainian language and endorsed with an Apostle Seal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your homeland). In case of absence of Birth Certificate, visa applicant should get an Affidavit (notarized);
  • Secondary School Certificate (translated into the Ukrainian language and endorsed with an Apostle Seal from the Ministry of External Affairs of your homeland);
  • Medical certificate of general fitness (translated into the Ukrainian language and endorsed with an Apostle Seal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your homeland).

Arrival to Ukraine for students is an important step, which is necessary to arrange properly due to Ukrainian legislation and proceeding.

Please check the important detailed information about all proceeding for student’s arrival:

After obtaining a visa international students should send their ticket to our company email address: within 1-2 weeks before arrival. Our company arranges all necessary proceeding for student’s arrival, migration processing, pick up and transfer to the university.

IMPORTANT! : Due to the legislation of Ukraine, international students arriving without informing their Representatives about arrival should be deported back to their countries without giving a reason.

Aivglobal informs Migration Service of Ukraine with the official letter about international students arrival to the airport and during students passport control at the airport the Border Service verifies whether the official representative mentioned in this official letter is meeting students.

During border control students are undergoing a detailed interview on arrival, so students should explain which university they are going to, which course of studies, who is picking them on arrival and have enough financial funds with them to pay school fees and other expenditures. For students who arrive to Ukrainian Universities it is necessary to carry First Year Fee payment slip to avoid deportation.

IMPORTANT! Students who are travelling to Ukraine should carry original Invitation Letter in the hand luggage, as you will need it during the Migration Service Clearance!

So, successful passing the migration process on arrival depends on the following important factors:

Students inform Aivglobal in time about their arrival to enable us to arrange all proceeding;

Students should pass the interview with Border Service giving all detailed information about purpose of their arrival to Ukraine;

Students can prove that they have enough financial support and funds with them to pay their studies. For arrival to Russia First Year Fee should be paid after getting visa, payment slip is required;

The representative of Aivglobal picks international students, transfers to University in Ukraine, and accompanies them to the place of living, helps with placement in hostel.


Arrangements of official pick up at airport first of all is your safety;
100 % guarantee of your successful Board crossing on arrival to Ukraine;
Comfortable transfer to university of your choice;
Admission and quick placement to university’s hostel.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any detail.
We wish you a very pleasant and safe flight!