Privacy Policy

AIV Global completely agrees that information provided by the applicants on the website can lead to the misuse of personal information by hackers and crackers if not properly processed. So, we ensure that our website could be aptly protected to ensure that assurance and the security of the applicant's information is provided on the website. The organization asks its applicants to provide the information, including their personal details, such as contact info, name, educational background, residential address, payment details, areas of interest & preferences, and many more.
We at this moment enclose the information fetching details which the website collects from our applicants.

Automated collected information

These are the set of information besides those which the applicant intentionally provides to the organization. This information used to be collected through the variety of the sources enabled through the variety of third-party related technologies. This information are collected like the frequency of the interaction of the users with the website. This information is enclosed under the "user information" details category. Under this, the details about the browser being used, the system used for operation, the referrals that lead to the visitor to land on your website, and the frequency of visits, including other related information, are collected in this category of information collected.

The other set of information which is being collected are the cookie, scripts embedded with it. Information related to the requested service by the visitor. This information helps us provide relatable recommendations, suggestions, options to continue and discontinue with the services, and other additional features.

Information collected via forums and content for the user

The "community forums 'section for the user enables them to post their things, which enhances the interaction, enabling them to post photos, videos, comments, suggestions, and other related features. When information is posted on the community forum section, whether in comments, photos, videos, or suggestions, the privacy is not linked to it as this section is public. This discloses the declaration that the organization won't be liable for the misuse of that information as the posted information can be collected by the other users on the website.

Information collected by third parties.

This third-party sharing feature is not automatically activated; it requires manual activation by enabling the permissions for third-party interactions. This enables the information to get visible to the third party affiliated with the organization.

The organization can collect information from third parties as well. The information may include the frequency of interaction with third-party websites. Still, the information collected from the third party is properly protected under the privacy declarations of the organization, preventing the user from getting any harm through it.

Sharing of the information collected

The organization can share the information identifying the identity of the user. Such information is related to the statistics, usage information, and third-party interactions. The organization keeps all the information safe related to the personally identifiable details, especially while sharing the information with the unaffiliated third parties without the user's consent.

sharing of information after the user's consent

The organization doesn't disclose any information unless the user wishes to do so. The information is shared only when the user is interested in confirmation on the general tagging or post posting; then, only the information is publicly displayed. The company can use such public domain information for monetary and promotional purposes

Information share on the organizational behalf

The organization can share the information related to the user information or the other details, including the personal details for certain tasks that need to be performed by a third party on the organization's behalf. These tasks may include traffic analysis, administrative purpose-related tasks, etc.

Information share for legal purpose

The organization is bound to provide the user's information if required as the compliance statement for courts as per the orders, for investigating governmental authorities, and for the protection and safety of the terms of the sure pdf pour website policies. This information is processed without the prior intestine of the user and monitored as well. Also, the user whose information is being utilized will not be eligible to any third parties related to monitoring, storing, and any other additional purposes.