Study in Ukraine

The number of foreign students who wish to pursue higher education in Ukraine is increasing every day. This is not surprising, as Ukraine offers excellent opportunities for receiving academic degree in the desired speciality.

List of Reasons why to choose Ukraine

Quality education for all students

Ukrainian universities have high standards for education. A lot of universities have courses in English or preparatory faculties for studying Russian or Ukrainian languages.

Globally recognized Universities and courses

Ukrainian universities’ programme is acknowledged by a number of countries (the UK, the USA) and regions (Europe, Asia, Africa) alike. Before graduation all students will have gained essential knowledge and skills required for a profession of one’s choice.

Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA), throughout EU and various world organizations

In Ukraine, medical courses are the most popular among foreign students, and for a good reason. For instance, getting MBBS in Ukraine is rather easy for those who would like to devote their lives to medicine. Not to mention, a received degree will be recognized in the most countries.

Coaching for MCI by the reputed doctor from the 1st year

For our students we provide a great opportunity to clear an MCI screening test with relative ease. We conduct MCI coaching for all medical students and, in case of successful accomplishment of the course, they will become eligible for medical practice in their home country.


These abbreviations surely strike fear into the hearts of international students. These exams and programmes usually make admission process much more complicated because of time and money applicants need to spend to be prepared to pass them successfully. However, they are not required to pass (complete) if you would like to enrol in a Ukrainian university.

No entrance exams, only secondary school certificate for Bachelor’s Programs

We believe that each student who is eager to study deserves this opportunity, and we are ready to give it. All students are required to do is to get the documents necessary for admission.


As of today, Ukraine is considered to be the country which has high-quality goods and services for moderate prices. The educational aspect also comes into play, which is a key factor while choosing a higher education institution in Europe. Why study at an overpriced university if you can get a similar experience for a reasonable cost in Ukraine?

Personal attention to each student, 100% attendance

Study groups are small and consist of only 8-12 students, so teachers have time to communicate with each student during the class period. Small tests are conducted daily, so it is inadvisable for students to skip classes. Those who missed classes for good reasons, personal classes are provided free of charge.

Better job prospects

Ukraine is a good place to start a career. Even though many students may consider working in their home country or other ones, they can formally employed in one of many well-paid hospitals. In addition, students have an opportunity to master their skills during internship, which helps immensely for those climbing the career ladder.

Moderate climate all year round

Forget about never-ending heat or extreme coldness. Here in Ukraine, both local and international students can enjoy all four seasons in their glory. Be it blissful spring, radiant summer, colorful autumn and chilly yet joyful winter, everyone will find a season to one’s liking.

Gaining extra experience

A big number of Ukrainian universities have partnerships with institutions of the USA, Canada and Europe. Students studying in Ukraine have an opportunity to attend lectures and practical classes of numerous visiting professors highly acclaimed all around the world.

Chances of permanent residence & settlement in Europe after completion of study program

Yes, you read that right! If you prove yourself as a diligent and hardworking individual, not only do you have a chance to work in one of medical institutions later on, but also stay and live in Ukraine for indefinite time.

Issuance of visa for deserving candidates

For those who are genuinely interested in getting a degree in Ukraine, there is one more advantage – you will be provided with a study visa in case you want to study in any state educational institution. If you want to study in Ukraine, Aivglobal is ready to provide all necessary consultations and help choosing an institution that will meet your needs and wants. We cooperate only with top-ranked state universities. We will help you evaluate all benefits for international students offered by educational institution in Ukraine. You will find new friends, get excellent education and academic degree that will open new opportunities for a quick and successful career development.