It has strong research and education capabilities in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, ICT and computer technologies.

KNURE hosts International Academy of Applied Radioelectronics and the Eastern-Ukrainian branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), pioneered the development of distance learning in Ukraine. It has a high expertise in introduction of innovative technologies into education and business.

University structure KNURE consists of 9 faculties and 30 departments:


    Faculty of Computer Sciences (CS)

  •       Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  •       Information Control Systems (ICS)
  •       Systems Engineering (SE)
  •       Computer Software (CSoft)
  •       Engineering and Сomputer Сraphics (ECG)
  •       History, language and culture of Ukraine (UKR)

    Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control (CEC)

  •       Electronic Computers (EC)
  •       Computers Design Automation (CDA)
  •       Information Technologies Security (ITS)
  •       Phylosophy

    Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management (AMM)

  •       Applied Mathematics (AM)
  •       Informatics (INF)
  •       Economical Cybernetics (EC)
  •       Higher Mathematics (HM)
  •       Social Informatics (SI)

    Faculty of Radio-engineering (RE)

  •       Radio Electronics Systems (RES)
  •       Radio Engineering Fundamentals (REF)
  •       Radio Electronic Devices
  •       Foreign language (FL)

    Faculty of Telecommunications and Instrumentation (TCI)

  •       Telecommunication Systems (TKS)
  •       Communication Networks (CN)
  •       Metrology and Measuring Equipment (MME)

    Faculty of Electronic Devices (ED)

  •       Design and Operation of Electronic Appliances (DOEA)
  •       Technology and Automation Prodaction (TAPR)
  •       Engineering and Computer Drawing (ECD)
  •       Physics
  •       Labour Protection (LP)

    Faculty of Electronic Engineering (EE)

  •       Microelectronics, Electronic Devices and Appliances (MEDA)
  •       Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering (PFEE)
  •       Biomedical Electronic Devices and Systems (BED)
  •       Physical education