and educational grants TEMPUS FP-7 and the European Union. Currently, the University is participating in fundraising program ERASMUS + together with partners. Students and teachers of NAU “KhAI” participate in a such programs as DAAD, Fulbright, ERASMUS + etc. Every year more than 200 students and teachers go abroad to participate in educational and research activities.

University is popular among foreign students. Now the university trains more than 1,400 foreign students from 45 countries on different directions.

The KhAI covers a separate territory of the city in the forest-part zone, its area amounts to about 25 hectares. The University has 8 academic buildings, research institute and laboratories, library will 1 ml volume in stock, campus, sporty complex, swimming pool, preventurium clinic of first medical aid, dining halls, bank, children garden, etc.


  • Automobile Transport
  • Airlines maintenance
  • Accounting and audit
  • International economics
  • Aircraft and rocket building
  • Engines and power plants of aircraft
  • Avionics
  • System analysis
  • Information science
  • Applied mathematics
  • Power machine building
  • Heat power engineering
  • Machine building
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Applied mechanics
  • System engineering
  • Automation and computer-integrated technologies
  • Aero navigation
  • Geodesy, cartography, organization of the use of land
  • Metrology, standardization and certification
  • Metrology and informational and measuring technologies
  • Ecology, environment and balanced nature management
  • Radio techniques
  • Radio-electronic devices
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer’s sciences
  • Computer’s engineering
  • Program engineering
  • Commodity research and commercial enterprise
  • Finances and credit