Founded in 1944, Bukovinian State Medical University occupies a remarkable place among the leading medical educational institutions of Eastern Europe, combining tradition with dynamism and competence in research and education.All activities of the University are approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, to which it is subordinated. The University acts on the basis of its Statute, agreed by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and adopted by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine. Bukovinian State Medical University is a member of the International Association of Educational Universities (IAEU), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Association of Carpathian Region Universities (ACRU), the Magna Charta Universitatum, and Bukovinian University Consortium. With seven faculties, a number of hospitals and research centres, Bukovinian State Medical University draws attention of young people willing to study medicine and acquire professional medical skills.

Production Kiev Medical Institute (1931-1936) – 2nd Kiev State Medical Institute ( 1936-1944 ) – Chernovtsy State Medical Institute ( 1944-1997 ) – Bukovina State Medical Academy ( 1997-2005) – Bukovina State Medical University (2005 ) – this is a brief history of foundation and development of the newly established in 1931, the higher education institution and its transformation into a modern Bukovina State Medical University ( BSMU ) [1] . Since its inception to the present educational institution under the influence of various circumstances change both the name and location , but never changed the status of higher education and did not interrupt its activities to prepare highly qualified doctors .

The Kyiv Productive Medical Institute (1931-1936) – the 2ndKyiv State Medical Institute (1936 -1944) – the Chernivtsi State Medical Institute (1944-1997) – the Bukovinian State Medical Academy (1997-2005) – since