Alfred Nobel University (ANU)

The university occupies a leading position in the field of innovative technologies in teaching and contribute to strengthening the country's positions in the international arena, as reflected in its mission: we create real educational values that conform to the latest requirements and needs of the XXI century and focus on the dynamic development of economy and society, European and global integration of our country; we provide all, who have chosen studing at the University, such knowledges and skills through which they will be mobile and competitive in the labour market in Ukraine and abroad. Specializations: Law, Management and Administration, Humanities, Service Sector.


Dnipro is the fourth largest city in Ukraine. It is a developed business and industrial center of the country. The city is spread out on the banks of the river of the same name - its parts are connected by three bridges. The Dnieper embankment is the longest in Europe and is around 32 kilometers long. You would like to walk here and enjoy the river views.