General Medicine – term of studies – 6 years

Dentistry – term of studies – 5 years

Educational level: Specialist

Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens – 10 months – languages courses, biology, physics, chemistry

Languages of teaching: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Form of education: full-time

In Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute of Traditional and Non-traditional Medicine students have the possibility to gain higher medical education according to the state standards as well as thoroughly study methods of traditional and non-traditional medicine, including manual therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, pharmacognosy, homeopathy, reflexotherapy, bioenergoinformatics, iridology, Eastern health-improving systems and others.

Educational and educative process is provided by highly qualified lecturers among whom there are 14 Professors, PhD and 38 Associate Professors.

On graduating from Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute of Traditional and Non-traditional Medicine students obtain the Diploma on Higher Medical Education of State pattern.

The Institute was founded in 1992 as Ukraine’s first  non-state higher medical educational establishment. Its principal purpose is to train highly-qualified specialists who will combine their knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional medicine in practical work.

At present there are 5 faculties at the Institute; we have a staged system of education including the internship, post-graduate training,  the doctorate program.

The teacher’s staff of the Institute is represented by highly qualified  specialists, every fifth of them being a Doctor of Sciences. You have an opportunity to take part in research together with our scientists substantiating the most effective methods of treatment of both classical and folk, non-traditional medicine.

You’ll be provided with proper conditions for mastering foreign languages, going in for sports, attending clubs according to your interests.

Training of medical personnel in the Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute traditional and alternative medicine carried out according to the State standard of medical education ( DSVO ) professional orientation “Medicine” 1101.