specialists and implementation of competitive scientific developments for science intensive pharmaceutical industry. The University creates conditions for deep scientific training of high qualification specialists on the principles of education and science co-operation.

National   University of Pharmacy founded in 1805 as the pharmaceutical department of the Kharkov Emperor University is the main pharmaceutical higher educational establishment in Ukraine with rich scientific traditions and history.
National University of Pharmacy is the only higher educational establishment of pharmaceutical profile in our state. Its evolution has provided the development of national pharmaceutical school, science, production and the whole pharmaceutical industry of our country. In 1921 basing on the Proposal of prominent Kharkov scientists the first and the only in Ukraine Kharkov pharmaceutical institute (KhPhI) was founded by Health Care Narkomat and Golovnauk Resolution. At different times outstanding scientists worked in the Kharkov pharmaceutical institute: M.O. Valyashko, M.S. Bokarius, M.P. Krasovskiy, A.D. Rozenfeld, G.Ye. Mukhin, O.I. Cherkes, Ye.S. Khotynskiy, Yu.G.Borysyuk, P.O.Petyunin.


Initiation of higher pharmaceutical education in Kharkiv lands goes back to 1805 when Kharkiv Emperor University was founded. This year, Kharkiv academic Council of medical faculty gets the right to carry out experiments to get pharmaceutical title and gesel (pharmacist’s assistant), pharmacist and chemist degree according to these experiments’ results. In 1812, on the basis of the University’s chemical laboratory, the new pharmaceutical laboratory was opened, thus students and those who have been preparing for examinations to get a pharmaceutical degree had an opportunity to obtain trainings inpharmacy, pharmacognosy, forensic medicine analysis and physiological chemistry.