In 1931,the Institute organized the department and graduate internships.
Since 1991, the Institute was subordinated to the Ministryof Health of Ukraine and renamed the Kharkiv Instituteof Postgraduate Medical.
According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 15,1999, №379 Institute was renamed the Kharkiv Medical Academyof Postgraduate Education.


Kharkov Institute of Advanced Medical was founded by the Order of the People’s Commissariat of Health (NKOZ) from Ukraine 10.11.1923r. Training Institute began operation January 1, 1924. with comprehensive training of 24 rural district doctors, course duration was 3 months initially, then 4, and later moved to institute the principle of differentiated training of doctors for up to 6 months.

In parallel, the Institute held a permanent job with the preparation of teaching personnel.The first form of training was a two-year internship period of study, introduced NKOZ Ukraine in 1928.The first issue consisted of 84 medical interns.In order to improve the training of interns special order NKOZ Ukraine organizational guidance interns were assigned to the Ukrainian Central Institute for Advanced Training.Internship lasted until 1938, played a positive role in training professionals.A second form of scientific and teaching staff became postgraduate clinical residency and implemented NKOZ Ukraine in 1931.Organizational guidance was again assigned to the Ukrainian Central Institute for Advanced Training.During the Great Patriotic War, the institute was evacuated to the rear and worked retraining doctors for hospitals and units.Prior to the 50th anniversary (1973), the institution operated 40 departments and 2 courses.In the second half of the 70s (Rector prof. Hvysyuk MI) significantly improved physical infrastructure of the institute.Since 1977.i