Ukrainian Medical and Dental Academy AS Poltava National Medical And Dental University

Ukrainian Medical and Dental Academy – is a higher education institution for training doctors, including dentists. The Academy started its work in 1921 with odontological faculty of Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967, the Institute moved to the city of Poltava and was renamed as Poltava State National Medical University.

In 1994 Poltava Medical Dental University received the highest level of accreditation IV and the status of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.  In 2004, the IV accreditation level was confirmed.

Currently there are 3615 students, 1400 of them are foreigners from 42 countries. Training is conducted in the dental, medical faculties, training faculty for foreign citizens. Faculty of Graduate Education and the department of pre-university training. On the basis of the YMCA there was established  college that prepares undergraduate and junior medical staff.

In the structure of the Academy there were 56 departments, nine of them – support. Medical-advisory work is carried out by 35 clinical departments of the Academy, located in the best regional and city hospitals ofPoltava.

The scientific potential of the YMCA – 82 doctors, 316 PhDs, 75 professors, 171 associate professors, 2 Laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, 8 Honored Scientists of Ukraine, 6 Honored Doctors of Ukraine.

Over the last decade, the Academy held significant changes that allowed going up to the university to a new competitive level of training, to introduce the most advanced technology training. Evidence of this is the Academy award: two silver and bronze medals at international exhibitions of educational institutions “Modern education in Ukraine – 2001, 2002, 2004.” In June 2003, the Academy took part in the ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine “Sophia of Kyiv”. For active work in improving the quality of modern education Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy was awarded the Diploma ranking of higher education institutions. In the category “quality of the third millennium,” Academy was awarded the silver stele and the diploma of the International Academic Rating “Golden Fortune”.

From 1999 to 2009 there were published over 710 educational benefits of various scientific subjects. In the last year the Academy received 106 patents of Ukraine and Russia and compiled the program that  has seven academic schools: operative surgery and topographic anatomy, normal physiology, oral surgery, biological chemistry, pathology, dentistry, clinical and experimental pharmacology.

Ukraine, as a member of the UN and UNESCO is actively involved in the implementation of international programs in the field of higher education, and Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy also helps to foreign countries to prepare their national health workforce.  In order to improve the quality of medical training of foreign nationality at the academy in 1992 the faculty to work with foreign students was opened.

Now there are  1400 foreigners from 42 countries of the world  (England,America,Ireland,Mexico,Italy,France,Denmark, Albania,Armenia,Romania,Palestine, Iraq, ,India,Cameroon,Kenya,Nigeria,Mongolia,China,Nepal,Iran, Syria, Morocco, Algeria,Jordan, Pakistan, Libya, Russia, Turkmenistan, and others).

They are guaranteed all the rights and freedoms indicated in the current legislation of Ukraine. Training of foreign nationals is held in accordance with the curriculum and programs of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

International students on an equal basis with the students – citizens of Ukraine can use classrooms, a library and reading rooms, sports facilities, it also highlights areas for cultural, religious events and fees fraternities. The educational process provides teachers with special training and experience in working with foreign nationals in the early stages of their training. After graduation, foreign students receive diplomas of international standard.

In 1997 in the dean’s office was created the preparatory department for foreign citizens. Students of the Preparatory Department are studying Russian language, style of speech science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, geography. In general, the work of the preparatory department aims at adapting foreign nationals to live and train in Ukraine and familiarize with the culture and traditions of the Ukrainian people. Now in different departments in the clinical residency improve their skills 42 foreigners – graduate dental and medical faculties. There are more and more foreigners who have completed residency and wish to continue their education in graduate school.