Poltava University of Economics and trade is the leading higher educational institution in Ukraine, founded in 1974. History of the University In 1974 the decision to establish Poltava Cooperative Institute was made. Since then and until the beginning of the 90-ies of XX century the Institute prepared the specialists of the highest qualification for all Union republics. After Ukraine’s Declaration of State sovereignty of the Institute is subordinate to the Central Union of consumer societies A special place in the development of Poltava Cooperative Institute take the 90-ies.

To train specialists in accordance with the domestic and World Science achievements, the Institute has identified strategic directions for the development of education in the future. In April 1996, the Scientific Council approved the complex program of development of Poltava Cooperative Institute from 1996-2000. It was based on the concept of the reform of higher education in the process of transition to a market economy, the concept of liberal education in institutions of higher learning and the concept of Poltava Cooperative Institute.

The main task of the Institute identified the training of highly qualified specialists, who are able to operate at the level of international standards. To this purpose, in 1996 with multistage training institute specialists was introduced on the basis of educational and qualification level of the base of higher education “Bachelor” in the following areas: economy and entrepreneurship, management, trade, food technology and engineering.

Since the early 90 ‘s. the institute has introduced a post graduate education. To this purpose, on the basis of Poltava Cooperative Institute according to the decision of the Board of Directors and the order of the Ministry of education of Ukraine of 29.09.1992 No. 184-134 opened inter-branch institute for advanced studies and retraining of consumer cooperatives. Before the opening of the mentioned institute the postgraduate education in the COI was realized on the Faculty of professional skills improvement.

During the 90’s the Institute has created real conditions for the provision of training for professionals to meet the needs of a market economy. Such specialties like“Finance and credit” (1993), “Management in the production sphere” (1994), “International Economics” (1996), “Marketing” (1997) were opened. In 1998, the training of professionals in the fields of “Management of foreign trade activities”, “Commodity research and examination of customs”, “Technologies of storage preserving and processing of meat”.

Significantly increased the quality of training and scientific and pedagogical skills of teachers, based not only on their own search but also based on their training in foreign higher educational establishments in the United States and Canada, the universities of England, France, Germany, Hungary. Links have been established with the European Academy of marketing and the European Institute of management (Brussels), Central European University (Budapest), the University of Valencia (Spain). Various forms of teacher training provided an opportunity to inform our thinking fundamentally new directions in the field of marketing, management, business, banking, auditing, foreign languages and on this basis to introduce progressive methods in the learning process.

In 1997, according to the decision of State Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of education of Ukraine from December 9, 1997, the Institute was accredited on the III accreditation level with the granting of the right of issue specialists on educational and qualification levels.