working for Ph.D degree and about 1300 foreign students BNMU has always been one of the biggest institute serving in the field of medicine for over a century.

The university is characterized by a great history and innumerable achievements and a great cultural fusion with students coming from over 53 countries around the globe to pursue their dream career in various fields both at graduate and post-graduate level offered at the university.

With 12 faculties, 78 departments, more than 1200 scientific and pedagogical professionals including 31 academicians and members of National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medical Sciences, 34 academicians of public academies, 42 members of International Organizations and Associations, 99 honored members of Science and technology, 189 Doctors of Sciences, 137 Professors, 720 Candidates of science, 338 Associate Professors, 139 Clinical bases with 8100 beds and 250 thousand patients treated every year and more than 70,000 surgeries conducted every year BNMU is the first choice for students not only from Ukraine but from countries like Poland, Belarus, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Czech, Turkmenistan etc. for their career in medicine with limitless education offerings at both undergraduate and Masters Level.

  • One of Eastern Europe’s most highly ranked universities
  • Diversity and expansion – education and research in 12 faculties.
  • An array of educational offerings at undergraduate and various courses at Post graduate levels in over 40 specialities.
  • Student Exchange and research collaboration with universities throughout Mainland Europe.
  • Excellence- State of art infrastructure for training world class doctors.
  • Active, systematic quality control of educational process.
  • Superbly equipped with medical technology of highest standards, purpose-designed, modern, interdisciplinary campus facility.
  • One of the oldest-university in Eastern Europe and Soviet USSR with living cultural and educational settings.
  • Fantastic European standard student life with great cultural offerings and various festivities.



His Emperor Highness Mykola I signed the Highest Rescript about opening the medical faculty at St. Volodymyr University .